Founding Members


Bernardo del Campo | Iowa State University
Biorenewable Resources and Technologies

Keith Beckman | Oregon State University
Environmental Engineering & Business

Scott N. Bobbitt | University of Texas
Chemical Engineering

Chris Davis | University of Missouri
Agricultural Engineering

Lucas Ellis | Dartmouth College
Biochemical Engineering

Kondamudi Narasimharao | University of Nevada Reno
Materials Science and Engineering

Mikkel (Kelly) Leslie | Oregon State University
Environmental Engineering

Joshua Maynard | University of Colorado at Boulder
Mechanical Engineering

Jacob Rieff | Texas Tech University
Plant and Soil Sciences

Vincent Sabatini | Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Mechanical Engineering

Brian Schuster | North Carolina State University
Chemical Engineering

Jason Strull | University of Nevada Reno
Material Sciences and Chemical Engineering

Christopher Block | Virginia Tech University
BioProcess Engineering

David Fecek | Penn State University
Mechanical Engineering

Joseph Fox | University of South Carolina

Elvis McGovern | Drexel University
Mechanical Engineering

York Smith | University of Nevada Reno
Chemical Engineering

Brody Conklin | West Virginia University
Mechanical Engineering

Nick Dudenhoeffer | Missouri University of Science and Technology

David Dumbach | Lincoln University

Pike Corey | Lincoln University

Anup Pradhan | University of Idaho
Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Tyler Williams | Lincoln University
Biology & Minor in Chemistry

Lavinia Tupou | Brigham Young University-Hawaii

Melissa (Mel) Igram | New York University

Chris Billinger | Kansas University
Mechanical Engineering

Rhea Patel | University of North Carolina
Environmental Health

Breana Uhrig | George Washington University
Public Health

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