2014 National Biodiesel Conference + Expo – Official Blog Highlights from January 28

Posted on January 28th, 2014

nbce_2014_266x200_01Below are highlights from January 28 from the official blog of the 2014 National Biodiesel Conference + Expo.

While the biodiesel industry faces the fight of its life in Washington, thousands of producers and enthusiasts gathered at the San Diego Convention Center last week to recognize 2013’s record production and job growth.

They shared the latest information and technology, but more than anything, they stood strong to make their voices heard at the EPA. The signature event of the industry offered a springboard for both the proposal comment period and the year ahead.

Full coverage can be found on the official blog.

Growing Use of Technology for Growers

Commodity groups across the country also took interest in the happenings at the recent National Biodiesel Conference. Frank Legner, Legner Farms is a member of the Illinois Soybean Association and attended the conference to relay the update on biodiesel to growers in Illinois. He talks about how he uses precision agriculture on his farm where they grow 50/50 soybeans and corn.

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Farm Polices Impact on Precision Ag

Member of the National Corn Growers Association Board and director of Western Iowa Energy, LLC, Kevin Ross, chatted with Chuck after the opening session at the 2014 National Biodiesel Conference. They discuss farm policy and how precision agriculture technology has impacted his farming operation where he raises cattle and grows corn and soybeans.

Kevin shared that if we don’t move past what RFS has already provided then we become stuck and the innovation stops. He says everyone needs to do what they can to ensure the investments continue and technologies are utilized. He feels the government has given mixed signals and believes simple education on the issue could help.

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