Biodiesel Magazine: Minn. Biodiesel Requirement Jumps to 10 Percent

Posted on July 2nd, 2014

From Biodiesel Magazine (July 1, 2014):

July 1 marks a memorable day for biodiesel as Minnesota becomes the first state in the nation to require 10 percent biodiesel to be blended in all diesel fuel. While Illinois has a tax incentive that encourages biodiesel blends at 11 percent or higher, Minnesota is the first state to require a double-digit blend.

Minnesota has long been a biodiesel pioneer, becoming the first state in the nation to implement a biodiesel standard back in 2005 at 2 percent. In 2009, the biodiesel requirement jumped to 5 percent. The transition to B10 was originally scheduled for 2012 but was delayed to ensure blending infrastructure was sufficient across the entire state. B10 will be available at the pump from April through September, and B5 will remain the standard the standard the rest of the year.

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