Utah State Today: ‘This Is Where the World Pays Attention’ Says USU Biofuels Scientist

Posted on September 12th, 2014

From Utah State Today (September 11, 2014):

Yet again, Utah State University ingenuity and perseverance were on display at Utah’s famed Bonneville Salt Flats as Aggie undergrad Mike Morgan set new speed records with USU-made biofuels.

“This is where the world pays attention,” says Morgan, a biochemistry major who raced a modified light truck in multiple trials during the Utah Salt Flats Association’s 2014 World of Speed event Sept. 6-9. “We’re demonstrating biofuels rival petroleum-based fuels in performance.”

Using a biodiesel blend made at USU from algae, Morgan drove a privately owned Dodge Rampage in a heavy headwind to 132.620 mph. In the same vehicle, powered with USU-made, 100 percent safflower biodiesel, he cruised to 133.815 mph.

Morgan conducts research with USU biochemistry professor Lance Seefeldt and Ralph Whitesides, USU Extension weeds specialist and professor in the Department of Plants, Soils and Climate. The young researcher also serves as co-chair of the National Biodiesel Board’s Next Generation Scientists for Biodiesel partnership program.

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